A Heart Of Stone Kennels

American Pit Bull Terrier Breeder

*Puppies Are Available* Please Check The Breeding Page* 

ALSO* Ruby is looking for a retirement home.

Re-homing fee is the cost of spay. Around $2-$300.

 Please message for more info.


 I will ship anywhere in the world! 

If you live outside the US you will have to hire a puppy nanny or fly out yourself. If you need help hiring a puppy nanny i can help you.

In the USA we now only use ground shippers. All major airlines coming from California no longer accept pit bulls. You can get a quote from a ground shipper or  I can set one up for you.

 Uship www.uship.com which is a ground transportation service, puppy nannies, or you can pick the puppy up in person.

Contact me for info... reds.dogs@yahoo.com or  951-746-7954