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Max X Rogue

Litter D.O.B. 04/27/07

This is Spartikus...the smallest runt we have ever had. He grew up to be a BIG boy and one of my favorites! He lives in NY.

The runts will fool you evertime!!!




This is Chloe. She lives here in CA.




Rocco X Rogue

Litter D.O.B. 11/13/07   

This is Emma. She lives in CA. 


This is Capone. He lives in CA.

This is Abdoul. He lives in MD.


This is Cali. She lives in FL.



This is Nina. She lives in GA. She was a scrawny little puppy, but look how she turned out.

The runt will fool you every time! ;) Her handsome buddy in the pics with her is Saber out of Thor X Destroy.


Thor X Destroy

Litter D.O.B. 01/19/08

This is Deuce. He lives with Charlene Smith Cervantez in AZ. (She was the owner of RAGENBULL KENNEL) and one of my BEST friends! (luv you Char)...

This is him with his litter mate brothers. He was the biggest pup.



This is Diesel. He lived in NY. (R.I.P.)



This is Saber pictured with Nina out of Rocco X Rogue


This is Jade. She lives in NV.                                               

Jade is pictured with her litter mate sisters and and her pal Warrior.



This is Stella. She lives in CT.



This is Sabrina. She lives in VA.