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A Heart of Stone Kennel

Breeder of some of the smartest most amazing American Pit Bull Terriers!

Located in California with shipping available just about anywhere in the world.

My dogs are UKC, ADBA, and/or OFRN registered out of champion show and working lines.

I specialize in catchweight APBT. Show, working, and pet puppies available from time to time. Please check out my breeding plans and available puppy page.


A Bit of Background

I have been involved with this wonderful breed most of my life. I got my very own APBT on my own as an adult in 1996. I starting showing and breeding since 1998. My dogs do well in the show ring, as working dogs, or just as obedient pets. Their temperaments are their greatest quality! 

My dogs receive the best in veterinary care possible.  I follow a very strict vaccination and d-worming program. I do not support or condone, and strictly discourage the use of the A.P.B.T. for any illegal purposes. 

All of my dogs and puppies are registered with the UKC, ADBA, and/or OFRN registries. When you purchase a dog or puppy from me you will receive a certificate of health, health contract, shot and d-worming record. I guarantee all of my dogs and pups to be in excellent health when you receive them.  My puppies are raised as family pets and are well socialized.

I breed for "The Total Dog" Agility, Conformation, Strength, Drive, and most of all TEMPERAMENT. 


    I stress temperament first! 

*Structure = Form and Function
  Structure is equally as important to me and I strive to produce quality dogs
with breed type, proper balance and movement.

   I realize the original purpose of the breed was for
fighting. Due to this breeds past ...these dogs'
possess a high prey drive. I DO NOT participate in this sport past or present.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask...

     Send us an email.     

 Or contact me on my cell @ (951) 746-7954 

    (Pacific Standard Time)    

                      7 am - 8pm                   

This web site was last updated was on 04/05/2024.


Philosophy & Mission

I am working on improving the reputation of the American Pit Bull Terrier.  By trying to disprove the media hype.  I believe the bad reputation of this wonderful breed should lie on the shoulders of the many irresponsible people who shouldn't have been lucky enough to own one of these loyal and loveable dogs.

I also support the EBA.

(Endangered Breed Association)

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