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Available Puppies

American Pit Bull Terrier puppies

UKC, ADBA, and/or OFRN registered.

We specialize in red nose and have some black nose pups from time to time (not often)

 We want you to receive a healthy puppy so cleanliness, shots, and deworming up to date are a must here at AHOSK 

Please read our reviews.

A Heart of Stone Kennel

American Pit Bull Terriers


I decided to do a couple outcross breedings this year. I plan my breedings according to the traits I desire.


Anaheim X Red Devil

Pups are due 10/17/23.

They are a outcross breeding.

My female Anaheim to my friends male Red devil.


Pedigree link 


Pups will be OFR/Eli/Jeep

My female is UKC and ADBA registered. The male is not. The pups will be ADBA registered, but I can help you register your pup with UKC if you desire.


They will be priced at $1,500.

$300. non refundable deposits are currently being accepted.

Shipping is available to just about anywhere. Also ear cropping is available.


Female #1 = Mark R. of CA.

Female #2 = AHOSK

Female #3 = Bret R. of TX.

Female #4 = AHOSK

Female #5 = Available

Female #6 = Available

Female #7 = Available


Male #1 = Jarrod G. of CA.

Anaheim X Red Devil babies are here.

Lines consist of Hemphill/Eli Boudreaux/Jeep/Red Boy

Date of birth 10/14/23

There are only females available. 

Video taken 11/29/23


Available puppies 11/28/2023

$1500.ADBA registered. 

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